Outdoor Porch Shades - Baby Shade Tent.

Outdoor Porch Shades

outdoor porch shades

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Living Conditioned Homes

Living Conditioned Homes

Rendering of Front Elevation for Plan B1
Architects: Palmer & Krisel
Location: Northridge, CA
Sponsored by LIVING for Young Homemakers and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
Developer: Sanford D. Adler

Here's the description of this model from the brochure:

For the family with a slightly more formal way of life, or where both adults and children entertain frequently, is this plan, illustrated with four variations to fit individual tastes and site requirements.

Here, family room and bedrooms are in one wing, the living-dining area in the other, with the kitchen and service porch conveniently located in relation to both as well as to the rear terrace which extends almost the width of the house. A second terrace off the living room provides additional space for outdoor living.

Hardwood paneling of pecky cypress and a corner fireplace add their special touch of charm and individuality to this house, designed for joyous family living and gracious entertaining - all with a minimum of housekeeping cares.

Reading on the porch

Reading on the porch

Our porch, though large, isn't really situated in such a way to encourage casual hang-outage. But, I decided on this lovely Saturday that I should give it a shot (initially with my laptop -- it being the only outdoor space we have that has adequate shade to use a laptop screen).

outdoor porch shades

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