Shade Arbor Plans

shade arbor plans

  • represent the effect of shade or shadow on

  • Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color

  • Screen from direct light

  • Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of

  • shadow: cast a shadow over

  • relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; "it is much cooler in the shade"; "there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"

  • spindle: any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

  • A shady garden alcove with sides and a roof formed by trees or climbing plants trained over a wooden framework

  • tree (as opposed to shrub)

  • a framework that supports climbing plants; "the arbor provided a shady resting place in the park"

  • Design or make a plan of (something to be made or built)

  • (Plan) This shows the ground plan design, elevation of house, number and size of rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry layout and position of the house on the land.

  • Decide on and arrange in advance

  • Make preparations for an anticipated event or time

  • (401(K)plan) A qualified profit-sharing or thrift plan that allows eligible employees the option of putting moneyinto the plan or receiving the funds as cash.

  • (plan) A debtor's detailed description of how the debtor proposes to pay creditors' claims over a fixed period of time.

Eastman House - Rock Garden / Back Entrance

Eastman  House  -  Rock  Garden /  Back  Entrance

Looking at the back entrance of the museum (this serves as the main entrance) from the Rock Garden at the Eastman House. Alling DeForest designed this informal garden's rocky landscape in 1902 as a large, bowl-shaped depression, which functioned as a hidden, picturesque destination for George Eastman's guests followng a stroll through the property. A network of paths and drives connected it to all the other gardens on the estate, as well as to the greenhouses, poultry yard, stable, and orchard. Comfortable benches wre conviently placed in the 250-foot horseshoe-shaped grape arbor, offering shade form the sun and shelter from the wind and rain for Eastman's guests. Extensive vegetable gardens once flanked the south-north borders of the garden. Historical photos reveal a semi-circular rock garden with scallop-shaped ornamental beds filled with Adam's needle, basket-of-gold, clematis, cotoneaster, grape hyacinth, Japanese barberry, and rock cress nestled into a grassy depression within the wooden arbor's interior curve. Although no planting plan survives, garden historians, Doell & Doell designed restoration plans using these photos as their primary historical reference. A matching grant supporting the grape arbor's restoration was awarded by the NYS Evironmental Quality Bond Act of 1987. Restoration of the garden was completed in the spring of 1992. Directly behind the rock garden, hugging the arbor's northern perimeter, are trees and shrubs that have bloomed in this location for nearly a century, such as lilacs, mock oranges, and ginko trees. Charles Zoller's autochome color plates (circa 1926) were helpful in determining the correct plant materials for restoring the Rock Garden to its original state. Located at the George Eastman House and Gardens, 900 East Ave in Rochester, NY.

20080406 tabulagrassa, springfield version

20080406 tabulagrassa, springfield version

Time to resurrect the tabula grassa series, with our Springfield home's backyard. This is a big project landscaping project that will take at least two summers.

The garden plot is not in an ideal place yardwise because it breaks up the space; but it's the ideal place for growing, getting the most sunlight. The patio will get pushed down to between the garden and the Redbud tree in the middle.

This will work out better overall as the patio will be partly shaded by the tree. An herb garden strip will go between the garden plot and the house/arbor, for quick access to fresh herbs when cooking.

Once the garden plot placement gets finalized (not until next summer, after we determine where the best spot is this summer), we'll build it up nicely and lay down a flagstone patio. Shrubs/bulbs/taller grasses will run around the perimeter, then other bulbs/flowers throughout the yard. Growing proper grass instead of weeds in whatever areas are left will finish out our plan.

shade arbor plans

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