Shade Grown Coffee : Full Size Canopy Beds.

Shade Grown Coffee

shade grown coffee

    shade grown coffee
  • Coffee that is grown in the traditional manner, with coffee plants interspersed under a canopy of trees. End result: more habitats for birds, less need for chemical inputs, and the forest is not disrupted.

  • Shade-grown coffee refers to coffee grown under a canopy of trees. Because it incorporates principles of natural ecology to promote natural ecological relationships, shade-grown coffee can be considered an offshoot of agricultural permaculture.

Shade grown coffee

Shade grown coffee

We went on a coffee tour at Coopedota, a coffee cooperative in Santa Maria de Dota. The cooperative is 50 years old and has over 800 member farms. During the tour, we also saw the small experimental farm next to the coffee processing center where shade-grown coffee is grown. The trees have hollow limbs, and when they are pruned in the winter, the cut-off branches are left on the ground. The hollow branches decompose quickly, adding nutrients to the soil.

The cooperative is doing many things to be more sustainable and not adversely affect the surrounding rivers, flora and fauna. It's impressive!

Shade Grown Coffee

Shade Grown Coffee

This is what a sustainable, organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee farm looks like just in case you were curious!

shade grown coffee

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